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The Firm, created in 1979 by Jürgen Possekel as Sole Proprietorship, operates in bulk marketing of all kinds of health-related medical devices, prosthetics, surgical instruments and disposables; moreover, ABC MEDICAL has always handled the maintenance of medical devices it markets insofar as the direct intervention of technicians of the Manufacturing Firm is not required.

Initially, the Firm consisted of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and of 4 staff members.

In 1990, the company name was changed to its actual form: “Apparecchiature Elettrobiomedicali e Chirurgiche ABC MEDICAL S.r.l.”.

The Firm currenlty handles the same activities described above.

The Firm consists of:

2 Managing Directors

1 Administrative Officer

4 Staff members

1 Sales Manager (Employee)

3 Salesmen

1 Service Technician

The main markets of interest are those of Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria.

“Apparecchiature Elettrobiomedicali e Chirurgiche ABC MEDICAL S.r.l.” has exclusive marketing rights in Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta for the following Manufacturing Firms:

· FRESENIUS (Infusion Technology)

· TORNIER (Orthopedics)

· LAWTON (Surgical Instruments)

· LARS (Artificial Ligaments)

· ARTHROCARE (Arthroscopy – Sports Medicine) (U.S.A.)

· VERATHON (Bladder Volume Instruments, Video Laryngoscopes)

· TOUL MEDITECH AB (Mobile system with a horizontal ultra-clean laminar airflow)

The main customers are public and private health-related organizations.

In order to present innovative devices or special materials to potential new customers, the Firm organizes meetings and training courses in its headquarters.

Additionally, “Apparecchiature Elettrobiomedicali e Chirurgiche ABC MEDICAL S.r.l.” consists of a wide area assigned to Administrative Office, an open space dedicated to Sales, a comfortable meeting room, a large warehouse for the storage of products/devices.

The Firm has developed its own “Quality management system” to comply with International Norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

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